England Talent coaches take KO Racism course

October 22, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


A number of England Talent Pathway coaches have taken part in England Boxing’s KO Racism course designed to educate in the importance of working together and embracing today’s multicultural society.

Delivered by London region Club Support Officer Bevis Allen, it was suggested as an ideal CPD opportunity after feedback from the coaching team.

Those taking part included Amanda Coulson, Grace Pearson, John Warburton, John Stubbs, Ivan Cobb, Rachel Bower, Adrian Fleming, Shiney Singh, John Hodkinson, Caroline Dent,  Philip Wilson, Phil Knight, Ian Tennant and Rhuari Kane.

The course was open to all the Talent Pathway team, but some have already attended this workshop previously, while others had alternative commitments.

The courses, which have been staged for England Boxing members during lockdown, are free and online via Zoom, lasting 75 minutes, which includes a presentation and an interactive Q&A session.

Among the topics covered are the roles and responsibilities of coaches and officials, time spent online, the use of social media in recruiting, 3×3 minutes of ‘no-nos’, useful stats, examples of extremism and standing together.

If you are interested in attending a KO Racism course, please email bevis.allen@englandboxing.org