England Boxing Level 2 Progression Workshops planned for 2021

December 15, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing has designed and is introducing two new online coaching workshops for current Level 2 Coaches to help them continue their journey on the coaching pathway.

With the impact of COVID-19 making online delivery the only current option, the design of these has been based around virtual constraints.

The two workshops are continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities for coaches and are not mandatory.

However, if you are a coach who has the intention of applying for the England Boxing High Performing Course (Level 3), you will need to evidence your own CPD as part of the selection and interview process.

These two workshops are good examples of the kind of CPD that you will be expected to demonstrate and are boxing-specific.

They will explore current and relevant topics and themes that relate to club leader and competition coaching and are designed to be interactive, so there is the expectation for coaches to share experiences and learning.

Each workshop is split into two sessions of three hour each and are to be delivered via Zoom.

Participants will be present and facilitate a 10-minute discussion, analyse a bout and also problem solve specific coaching situations within the context of competition and leadership.

Workshop content

Club Coach Leader Workshop (six-hour workshop via zoom), 10 participation max

  • Maximising the boxer experience within your club
  • Welfare of boxers and providing a safe and inclusive coaching environment
  • The role of the lead coach within the Club
  • Coaching Practice (Creative Sessions) Plan – DO – Review
  • Working and leading a coaching team
  • Evaluating and reviewing the annual coaching programme
  • Legislation and guidance

Competition Lead Coach Workshop (six-hour workshop via zoom), 10 participation max

  • What does effective planning look like and the areas we need to consider as a lead competition coach?
  • Understand yourself and influence of pressure
  • Knowing and understanding the rules (our ability to understand what the Judges are looking for)
  • Role of coaching practice (specific focus on technical, condition and open sparring)
  • Padding with purpose
  • Video analysis and reading the bout
  • Coaching from the corner (the ability to land your message, reinforce, reconfirm and recommend)

How to apply

The cost to attend each workshop is £20. The workshops will be delivered by specific England Boxing Coach Educators with experience of online group coach development experience.

If the workshops are well received, further online topics will be introduced to meet the demands of coaching.

Please complete the form before 8th January 2021 by clicking here. Once there is a clear understanding of the demand, workshop dates will be organised.