Junior Performance Pathway boxers are confirmed

April 21, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing can now confirm those boxers that have been offered a place on the Junior Performance Pathway.

Boxers come onto the programme with immediate effect and will remain on it until the lead up to the England Boxing National Junior Championships 2024.

The Pathway is split into two phases – Performance and Development.

The Performance phase is for the highest level of boxers on the pathway.

At respective age ranges, the performance boxers will be looking to compete both nationally and internationally. This will include major competitions when the potential has been shown to win a medal.

England Boxing coaches will oversee individual athlete plans to make sure all aspects of the boxer’s development is taken into account. This includes boxing ability, athletic education and development as well as sport and exercise science support.

The Development phase will delivered to boxers who have shown potential and merit a place on the pathway to try and further develop.

At each age range the development boxers will be invited into training camps and where possible domestic competition.

Boxers will receive training with England Boxing coaches and occasionally alongside England Boxing performance programmes, working on specific criteria to push them onto the next level.

Boxers offered Junior Performance Pathway places


 Performance Phase
Ruby White Sturminster Perf
Hollie Haskins Broadplain Perf
Caitlyn Wise Worcester City Perf
Rosanna Bycroft Legions Perf
Ella Lonsdale Sunderland East End Perf
Lexie Walker Wodensborough Perf
Rubi Smallwood Macclesfield Perf
Humza Malik Repton Perf
Mohammed Safari The Ring Perf
Dylan Gray District Youth Perf
Jamie Barrett Powerday Hooks Perf
Paul Coyle St Marys Perf
Frankie Thompson Bridlington Perf
John Joe Carrigan Border City Perf
Kevin McDonagh Northside Perf
Harvey Turner Phoenix Fire Perf
Tobias Taylor New Saints Perf

Development Phase
Layla Straughan North Stark Dev
Connie Tweddle Shiremoor Dev
Dolly Sambrook Hoddesdon Dev
Ella Doe Mackenzies Dev
Olena Heagney Gladiators Dev
Faith Barrass Washington Dev
Lexi Phillips Mackenzies Dev
Neve Wright Aston Dev
Grace Massey Impact ABC Dev
Sky Smith Berinsfield Dev
Elsie-May Kennedy Tenterden Dev
Libby Frost Beartown Dev
Jess Bethell Birkenhead Venture Dev
Ellie Newell NBA Dev
Jamie Preston Rotunda Dev
Lewis Cook Dagenham Dev
Dean Goodearl West Ham Dev
Alfie Knipes Repton Dev
Gary Siggery Leicester Lighning Dev
Hamza Khan Hockwell Ring Dev
Mason Scoullar Rotunda Dev
Leo Myres Phil Thomas SoB Dev
Chaz Butters Hornets Dev
Finn Harris Attleborough Dev
Isaac Huczmann Leicester Lighning Dev
Brad Smith Bishop Auckland Dev
Kevin Richardson Houghton Dev
Sonney Rawlings Trowbridge Dev
Anthony McDonagh White Hart Lane Dev
Charlie Sorenson Mighty Mariners Dev
Lilah Wright Anfield ABC Dev
Lexi Clifton RG Boxing Dev
Brooke Taylor The Purge Boxing Academy Dev
Lilia Hume Washington Boxing Club Dev
Olivia Holden East Middlesborough ABC Dev
Grace Kenny Brandon Dev
Elisha Cole Tommy Coyle Academy Dev
Neshauna Wright-Davis TM Boxing Dev
Mary Love Priory Park Dev
Scarlett Bewick Wearmouth Boxing Club Dev
Shannon Warren Tamworth Dev
Callum Evans Redcar Dev
Keziah Kindon JC Boxing Academy Dev
Joseph Dowson Bishop Auckland Boxing Club Dev
Makhaya Widnall Bridlington Boxong Club Dev
Eshaan Shaker Priory Park ABC Dev
Tommi Lee Horner Darlington Boxing Club Dev
Sean Curry North Road Gym Dev
Mason Wainwright JC’s Boxing Academy Dev
Connall Farrell Salisbury ABC Dev
Muhammad Eesah Elahi P4P Bradford Boxing Academy Dev
Jake Brown Olympian Boxing Club Dev
Leo Harvey Jenkins The Ring Dev
Jayden Slade Dagenham Dev
Trey King Mikeys Boxing Gym Dev
Jayden Bryce Worcester City ABC Dev
Daniel Corcaoran Harrow ABC Dev
Paddy Gavin Preston & Fulwood Dev
Kobe Clarke Wildstar Boxing Club Dev
Lenny Byrne Mercia Boxing Dev
Sahd Iqbal Laisterdyke Dev
Ollie Lee Barum Boxing Club Dev
Mason Warburton Superbox Dev
George Foggin Benwell Victoria ABC Dev
Findlay Lloyd Barum Boxing Club Dev
Bailey Giles PEJ ABC Dev
Adam Macca Rumbles Dev
Ruby Cuthbertson Disrict Youth Dev
Harry Scademg Repton Dev
George Francis Repton Dev
George Ralph Rainham Dev
Noah Barney-Smith Sporting Ring Dev
Paddy McDonagh White Hart Lane Dev
Tom Connors Synwell Dev
Johnboy Hodgkins Mikey’s Dev
Anthony McCarthy Sporting Ring Dev
Johnny Crittenden Pinewood Dev
Bailey Wilding Mikey’s Dev
Luke Harper Weedon Dev