Talent pathway coaches offered UK Coaching opportunity

April 6, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing has been offered 250 free places by UK Coaching to join its online learning and development platform.

The coaches being given this opportunity are member coaches working within the Talent Pathway.

They are made up of England Boxing Talent Pathway coaches, the England Boxing Coach Education team (coach developers, tutors and assessors), England Boxing Level 3 and Level 4 coaches and England Boxing coaches who progressed to the first and second stages of 2019’s Level 3 selection process.

The key driver for coaches who take part in the programme is the desire to improve performance – both their own and their boxers.

UK Coaching provides a dedicated learning and development platform to provide high quality coach development resources and includes content from leading sport coaches, experienced practitioners, practically applied and grounded in research.

Coaches will find loads of different things that can support their development; from tips, expert opinions and guides to podcasts, videos, webinars and eLearning.

Based on the ‘Coach Learning Framework’, it includes a year-long gathering of coach development insight through focus groups and conversations including contributions from over 60 leading experts across the world.

It set about answering three simple questions: How would you describe a high-quality talent development environment? How do we maximise the potential of the athletes?  How can a coach maximise the potential of the athlete and what do they need to know or do?

The themes available span beyond technical skills to include how to develop excellent coaching relationships, current thinking about games-based coaching, develop amazing learning environments and how to develop a coaching philosophy.