Box In Mind workshops are up and running

July 17, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


London and Southern Counties have staged two of the first Box In Mind workshops – which aims to increase awareness around mental health issues within the sport – that will be taking place across the country.

The course, which has been put together in conjunction with mental health charity Mind have been well received by those taking part.

The workshop in the capital was held at Barnet and Southgate College, with nine students in attendance.

Most were aged 18 and were very attentive, particularly when the videos of Derek Redmond and Oliver McCall were played.

The course was delivered by England Boxing Coach Educator Mike Hunter, who said: “The activity of the listing the positives and negatives of a Boxing environment was very good with all brainstorming and writing down their thoughts.

“One particular student who has Anxiety problems contributed his experiences which was well received.

“The section on understanding the various Mental Health conditions went well, with the students realising how certain conditions can overlap. It also it educated them in understanding, for example, what were the symptoms of Bipolar and OCD.

“All in all the workshop was very well received and the college has already said it wishes to repeat the workshop every term.”

Another Box In Mind course was delivered at Eastbourne Boxing Club by Paul Senior, England Boxing Coach Educator and also a coach at the club.

Eastbourne’s Paul Hipperson, Adrianne Phebey, Emma Loch, Marcus Boden and Richard Barnicoat were in attendance.

“The workshop was very well received and there was some great feedback from the coaching team, all unanimously reiterating the importance of the workshop and how applicable it is in our boxing world and in society,” said Senior.

Details of other Box In Mind courses – and how to attend them – will be posted on the England Boxing website when available.

Tom Paget, an England Boxing’s Club Support Officer who is leading on the Box in Mind Project, said: “We’re delighted that the Box In Mind workshops are now up and running after successful pilots earlier in the year.

“Everyone has a mental health and difficulties with it affects one in four people, so everyone is likely to know someone who is having problems, even if it is not obvious, like a physical injury.

“By attending a workshop, coaches and officials will be given guidance on how to spot the signs that someone is struggling with their mental health, and explain what they can then do to get that person the right help.”