Please see below information of the outcomes from England Boxing Disciplinaries which have taken place.

Panel decisions and explanations

EB v Finch

EB v Pilbeam

EB v Basi

EB v Smith

EBvMOR written reasons

EBvSL Officiating Complaint

EBvTR&JH Aggressive Behaviour

EBvDC Acting Against Interest of Sport

EBvWH Offensive Behaviour

EBvTG Mismanagement of an Event

EBvMR Failure to Comply with Discipline Request

EBvDM Harassment of Club

EBvDB Breach of Confidence Undermining Disciplinary Process

EBvH&H Supporting Under Ten Sparring

EBvWH Misuse of Social Media

EBvTY&PB Abuse of Officials

EBvGD Assaulting an Official

EBvSS Abuse of Officials

EBvAC Breach of Suspension

EBvGW Abuse of Officials

EBvTD Overclaim of Expenses

EBvEM Region