2016 National Youth Championships

Year 2016
Weight Category Champion Finalist
48kg kg Millie O’Neill (St Paul’s ) Miriam Zouhou (Stratford)
51kg kg Shauna Leigh Taylor (East Durham) Michelle Lynch (Ashton Albion)
54kg kg Ivy Jane Smith (Heart of Portsmouth) Tysie Gallagher (Luton Academy)
57kg kg Shelly Sweeney (Harrow) Billie Jean Franks (Larches and Savick)
60kg kg Shona Whitwell (St Ives) Ellie Scotney (Lynn)
64kg kg Natalie Craig (Downend) Ailsa French (North Road)
75kg kg Chantelle Reid (Kode Red BA) Tori Creighton (Ward Degnan's)