Young boxer receives recognition for saving a life

January 8, 2018 | by Gemma Field


Liam Pastore has been given three awards in recognition of his bravery when he saved a woman’s life in June 2017.

Pastore, who trains at Roy Richardson’s Boxing Academy, heard a desperate cry from the beach near Formby and without a second thought swam out to the woman and fought against a strong current to bring her to the beach.

Through the last six months Pastore has been recognised by his school, the community in Liverpool and his home town.

He was invited to take part in an interview with BBC Radio Manchester and had the honour of having tea with the Mayor of Stockport where he received a standing ovation for his bravery by the councillors at the committee meeting.

He was presented with a special recognition award from his school and won Merseyrail Personality of the Year at the Echo Awards before winning a Community Hero Award by his home town.