Two CSOs appointed alongside three apprentices

September 14, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


England Boxing are pleased to introduce the newest five members of our team, including three new apprentices following the success of the first cohort.

Carl Ellis, who is well known as a coach at Bicester Boxing Club and as head coach of the Home Counties squad, has been appointed as the Club Support Officer for the Home and Eastern Counties.

Ellis, who also coaches on the Performance Pathway, is excited for the new role:

“The CSO role is something I have a big interest in because it’s the clubs at the grassroots level who produce the up-and-coming champions.

“Without the fantastic clubs and coaches, we wouldn’t have a future for the sport.”

Also joining in a Club Support Officer capacity is Ellie Davis, who will oversee the East Midlands region.

Ellie is new to boxing but is excited to get stuck in and bring a fresh perspective:

“I’ve been working as a volunteer and have chaired large sports clubs for the past two years alongside finishing my master’s in Sport Management at Loughborough University.

“I have played, coaches and umpired Performance-level lacrosse and, being new to the boxing community, I’m excited to learn more about the sport and clubs.

“I love seeing the difference sport can make in a community and especially the impact boxing can have on people’s lives.”

Three apprentices’ have also joined England Boxing.

Rhys McKay has been involved in the boxing world for eight years through his club, Fox Boxing, and joins England Boxing as a Community Apprentice.

McKay is excited to promote boxing’s positive impact:

“Boxing has a massive positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing, helping promote a positive social lifestyle through respecting others and having good discipline.

“I think boxing can have a big impact in the community by bringing people into the world of boxing in a fun, engaging and inclusive way.”

Joshua Maddison-Greenwell, who goes by JP, also joins as Community Apprentice.

JP has been around amateur boxing for three years, after getting into the sport during a difficult period.

“I was going down a bad path both mentally and socially when a friend of mine recommended I try boxing.

“I fell in love with the sport and the community that comes with it – not only has it saved me from a dark and dangerous path, but it has also brought a place of belonging and a much-needed escape from everyday life.

Sophie Marshall will be based out of the English Institute of Sport as the Business Administration Apprentice.

Marshall has attended major boxing events including last year’s Shields-Marshall card which she found empowering.

“I admire the hard work and dedication that is needed and understanding that walking through the doors of a boxing gym isn’t all about becoming world champion, it’s about helping change lives.”

A sprinter at the county level, Marshall is hoping to give back.

“I’ve been trained by volunteer coaches myself, so I feel this is the perfect opportunity for me to give back to the community.”