Team England squad confirmed for GB Schools Three Nations 2023

June 8, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


The Team England squad to take on Scotland and Wales at the GB Schools Three Nations 2023 can now be announced.

The event will be held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June at the Sport Wales National Centre, located at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

The team has been selected from the winners at this year’s England Boxing National Schools Class B Championships.



42kg Lily Bassett TM Boxing London
48kg Jaya Kalsi Cleary’s Midlands
51kg Serena Mali Cleary’s Midlands
54kg Siobhan Haley Platinum Yorkshire



32kg Elijah Smith Pinewood Home Counties
34kg Tommy Stanley Newham London
36kg Mason Watson Birtley Tyne, Tees & Wear
38kg Simon O’Donnell Pinewood Home Counties
40kg Isa Hussain Longsight North West
42kg Kai Walsh Bodyshots London
44kg Owen McCann Rainham London
46kg Danny Lee District Youth Tyne, Tees & Wear
48kg Yashua Fleming TM Boxing London
50kg Albert McCleary Bodyshots London
52kg Danny McLaughlin Pinewood Home Counties
54kg Davie McDonagh Northside North West
57kg Sonny Hollingsworth Billingham Tyne, Tees & Wear
60kg Luke Moore Henry’s Yorkshire
70kg Henry Dennard Albion Eastern Counties


Team manager: Cliff Perkins.

Co-lead coaches: Adrian Fleming and Steve Bryant.

Coaches: Q Shillingford and Shanice Lauran.

Referees & Judges: Craig O’Dell, Jo Turner and Mark Howard.