Success for England at Junior and Youth GB Three Nations

May 5, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


Team England enjoyed a highly successful GB Junior and Youth Three Nations in Cardiff, Wales, winning 19 gold medals.

The two-day event contested on Friday 3rd May and Saturday 4th May also saw the team secure eight silver and five bronze medals.

“The behaviour of the boxers was outstanding, in and out of the competition, and the experience they gained from the competition was all positive,” said Team Manager Cliff Perkins.

“They all now have a benchmark to relate to in further competitions. The coaching staff worked as one unit, promoting teamwork and professionalism for the boxers to aspire to and overall it was a very worthwhile event for England Boxing.”

The coaching staff was led by Performance Coach Mick Driscoll and also included Ivan Cobb, John Stubbs, John Warburton, Ian Harrison, Laura Sargeant, Lorna Moser and Shiney Singh.

Below are details of all the bouts, as described by Cliff.

Junior ring – Saturday

44kg – Zeeshan Ahmed ENG v Harrison Baxter SCO

Zeechan pressured from the outset, keeping his opponent at arm’s length In a very relaxed style. He countered well as the Scot came forward and proved too much for his opponent, winning the bout by a unanimous decision 5-0.

46kg – Khalid Saleh ENG v John Murphy WAL

Khalid started boxing well off of his back foot, countering the aggressive Welsh boxer. As the bout progressed, the Welsh boxer gained in confidence and caught Khalid with a flurry of punches, forcing the ref to award a standing count. In the second round, Khalid waited to counter the Welsh boxer as he was pushed back onto the ropes before unloading with his punches. The last round saw Khalid continue to box as he had done in the second round, ultimately losing the bout to the stronger Welsh boxer by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

48kg – Romeo Costa WAL v Shaun Huddart ENG

This bout was all action with both boxers competing upright and at range, equally landing with some solid shots. The second round was similar to the first, although the pressure appeared to come from the Welsh boxer. Both boxers gave their all as they tried to outwit each other before the decision went the way of the Welsh boxer by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

50kg – Junior Griffiths WAL v Muhammad Ali ENG

Muhammad, boxing in a southpaw stance, countered well during the exchanges forcing the referee to award a standing count at the end of the first round. He also boxed very well in the second and third, countering with accuracy and speed to win by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

52kg – James Fernley ENG v Sam Morris WAL

James managed to control the ring and keep his opponent away using his reach as he landed well. In close, the Welsh boxer had some success, In the second and third round, James countered with ease using his footwork and range to land with both hands, emerging a unanimous 5-0 victor.

54kg – Lloyd Jones v Cameron Lavery ENG

The first round was a very active one for both boxers, and once Cameron relaxed and let his punches go, he caught the Welsh boxer with ease. Following a knock down, the Welsh boxer received a standing count. In the second round, Cameron stalked his opponent in order to land his punches, at times being caught by the Welsh boxer. The third round  went the same way as the second, earning Cameron a unanimous 5-0 decision.

57kg – Ellis Price ENG v Tom Price WAL

Ellis started the first round well, countering the attacking Welsh boxer. Following two solid rear hands from Ellis, the referee awarded a standing count to the Welsh boxer. The English boxer continued the pressure with good, solid, clinical shots. In the second round, Ellis stalked his opponent and hit him on the counter. As the Welshman tried to make a fight of it, he fell into the hands of Ellis, who clinically caught his opponent forcing another standing count. Once the bout recommenced, it was a matter of seconds before the referee intervened to avoid the Welsh boxer taking any more punishment.

57kg – Sacha Hickey ENG v Carmen Lynch WAL

The first round saw Sacha stalking her opponent as she backed into the corners. With Sasha at times closing down her own work, she still managed to control the bout with ease. The referee stopped the bout at the start of the second with the Welsh boxer not in a position to defend herself.

60kg – Paddy Murphy WAL v Jude Moore ENG

With the Welsh boxer trying all angles, Jude remained composed and kept his shape as he countered well with well-timed shots. The second round saw the boxers entangle more and the round became very scrappy, with both missing the target as they tried to land big punches. In the last round, Jude kept away from the Welsh boxer and countered, connecting with ease. However, the split decision was awarded to the Welsh boxer 4-1.

63kg – Jimmy Lee ENG v Perry Price WAL

The Welsh boxer pressed forward from the off, Jimmy countered with well-timed shots with both hands. Price had limited success as Jimmy moved around the ring. The Welsh boxer came out faster and harder in the second round, connecting at times, but Jimmy countered beautifully with an array of punches to dominate the round. The last round was again all action with Jimmy scoring the better shots, even though he was under constant pressure, earning him a split decision win by 4-1.

66kg – Jayden Torrance WAL v Mark Benham ENG

The bout was fast and furious, with the Welsh boxer pressing constantly. Mark boxed well at short and long range scoring with both hands. As the bout went on the Welsh boxer was able to get into range and make an impact. However, Mark stuck to his boxing and won the bout by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

Youth ring – Saturday

48kg – Caitlin Cromie WAL v Jacey Birch ENG

Jacey had good success in the early exchanges. Halfway through the round, she landed with a rear hand, knocking her opponent over for a standing count. Good use of footwork and angles meant the ref stopped the bout in the second round after another standing count following a three-punch combination from Jacey and continual pressure from the restart.

52kg – Peter Paton SCO v Cameron Paul ENG

Cameron started the round well with some good clinical punches and, from his southpaw stance, he controlled the ring, forcing his opponent onto his back foot. The second saw the Scot using his height and reach advantage to keep Cameron away, making the round a little closer between them. The third round saw Cameron up his work rate moving in and out to land his varying angled shots. The bout was won by the English boxer by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

56kg – Adan Mohammed ENG v Billy Unsworth WAL

Adan encountered a hard and fast first round, with both boxers giving their all. Adan’s reach worked well, but he was found wanting close up. Adan changed his approach in the second round, countering at range with clear and concise combinations. In close, he out-worked his opponent with ease. In the last round, Adan stayed in control, although at times got caught by some solid back hands, going on to win the bout by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

60kg – Adam Azim ENG v Loan Croft WAL

Adam was up against a worthy opponent and, as they exchanged shots in the middle of the ring, both boxers scored well to body and head. In the second round there wasn’t much between them. The third round was a hard fought one, with the Welsh boxer edging it and gaining the split decision 4-1.

64kg – Reese Lynch SCO v Jack Oliphant ENG

The relaxed southpaw stance of the Scot didn’t faze Jack as he pressed forward. This was a cagey affair, with Jack countering as his opponent came forward. The round finished fairly even. The second round started to get a bit scrappy as the boxers became entangled. In the third round, Jack increased the pressure and became entangled as the Scot held on. The judges favoured the Scot on a split 3-2 decision.

69kg – Clark Smith ENG v Pat Mullane WAL

Clark stalked his opponent, who retreated to the corner or to the ropes, allowing Clark to score with ease as his opponent was pinned. In the second round, Clark continued to dominate and finished the bout with a cracking left hand over the top, sending the Welsh boxer to the canvas. The referee stopped the bout immediately in favour of Clark.

75kg – William Burton WAL v Dan Toward ENG

Dan totally controlled the first round with good use of his feet enabling him to land punches from all angles, his backhand landing with ease. The second round was much like the first, with Dan totally dominating. After a knockdown, a standing count and constant pressure from the restart, the referee stopped the bout in favour of the England boxer in the third round.

Juniors – Sunday

38kg – Saad Abdullah WAL v Callum Drinkland ENG

Callum had the reach and height advantage and used it well in the first round. With good footwork, he moved in and out of range to land his shots. The second was much like the first with Callum scoring well at long range. In the last round the Welsh boxer had a little more success, but the early lead gave the split decision to Callum by 4-1.

42kg – Hamza Uddin ENG v Gregor McPherson SCO

Hamza got entangled in a very scrappy opener, with both trying to land the big punch. In the second round, Hamza had to box going backwards as the Scot pressed forward. In the third round Hamza’s better quality of counter punches earned him a split decision win by 4-1.

44kg – Keiron James WAL v Zeeshan Ahmed ENG

Zeeshan started well with clinical shots to both body and head. The Welsh boxer was also busy, but the upper hand was with Zeeshan. The ever-pressing Welsh boxer had more success in the third round, as he pinned Zeeshan on the ropes, which earned him a 3-2 split decision win over the England boxer.

46kg – Shelby-Marie Lee ENG v Frances Heath SCO

Shelby took charge of the first as she controlled the pace and ring, with telling shots from both hands kept her opponent away. Shelby came out in the second and began to use the angles in order to land her shots, which left her opponent wanting at times. Shelby landed shots to both body and head In the last round, with relentless punching pressure, and caught her opponent with a backhand, at which point the referee stepped in to award a standing count. Shelby won the bout by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

50kg – Euan Caldwell SCO v Muhammad Ali ENG

This was set to be a cagey affair with both boxers boxing from the traditional stance. With Muhammed being a southpaw. He countered well with his lead hand hook. The second round was at a fast pace, with both landing some good scoring shots. The last round remained cagey, with the England boxer appearing to score the cleaner shots, but the split decision went 4-1 to the Scot.

50kg – Destany Robertson SCO v Charan Dhesi ENG

Charan used her reach and height advantage to keep her opponent away for the most of the bout. The Scottish boxer managed to get through at times to score with her backhand. The Scottish southpaw boxer was a lot shorter and worked her way under Charan’s punches as she came forward. With the front foot boxing of the Scottish girl and the success inside, she managed to claim the split decision 4-1.

52kg – Scott Brandon WAL v James Fernley ENG

This was a cagey affair from the off, with the Welsh boxer in his southpaw stance and James in an orthodox stance and, at times, it looked like a fencing competition. The second round was a little more lively, with both countering well, but the better shots being landed by the England boxer. James also countered well in the last round as the Welsh boxer came forward earning him a 4-1 split decision success.

52kg – Jayne Bardauskas ENG v Zoe Andrews WAL

Jayne came out and went to-to-toe with her opponent who wanted to box at range. Jayne pushed forward and due to her style got caught frequently. The straighter shots from the Welsh boxer were more noticeable as they were jarring the head back as Jayne pressed forward. The last round was a crowd pleaser as both boxers traded punches in the middle of the ring, the better shots from the Welsh boxer earned her a unanimous points victory.

54kg – Cameron Lavery ENG v Aaron Jones WAL

It was a good first round for both which looked fairly even. With similar styles, all the pressure seemed to be coming from the Welsh boxer who was trying to ruin Cameron’s normal way of boxing. However, Cameron remained composed and boxed well to win the split 3-2 decision with some well timed counters.

54kg – Mia Holland ENG v Elle Taylor WAL

Mia took the fight to her opponent, forcing her onto her back foot. The Welsh boxer had the height and reach advantage over Mia. Mia controlled the bout with her superior work rate, scoring well with both hands. Mia’s work rate and volume of clear shots earned her a win by a 3-2 split.

57kg – Gerard McTaggart SCO v Ellis Price ENG

In a tight opening round, the longer reach of Ellis shone through as he picked off the Scot. The second round was much the same with both boxers trying to outwit and out gun the other, the cleaner punches being scored by Ellis. Although this was a very close bout, the judge’s split decision went to the Scot 3-2.

57kg – Nia Smith WAL v Sasca Hickey ENG

Sacha took the bout straight to the shorter Welsh boxer and halfway through the first round, she landed with a sold left right combination, causing the referee to award a standing count to the Welsh boxer. At the beginning of the second round, Sacha again connected well and following a second count the referee stopped the bout in her favour.

63kg – Boal Harley SCO v Jimmy Lee ENG

Jimmy took control of the bout early on with his speed of foot and his well-timed punches as the Scot didn’t commit to his punches throughout the round. In the second, the Scot came out with a bit more purpose, the only trouble for him was that Jimmy went up a gear and countered well to both body and head to remain in control. The third round was much like the second with Jimmy in control, winning a 3-2 split decision.

63kg – Anastacia Butler ENG v Demi Edwards WAL

Anastacia took control of the bout from the off with clinical well-timed shots. Her Welsh opponent, who was a lot shorter, seemed bewildered and struggled to get started. Halfway through the first round the referee decided to stop the bout to prevent the Welsh boxer receiving further punishment.

66kg – Mark Benham ENG v Shazman Parnez SCO

Mark got caught cold from the off and hit the canvas. However, he recomposed himself and stuck to his boxing. In the second round, the Scottish boxer pressed forward in a bid to finish the bout, but Mark kept his shape and boxed well on the counter. In the final round, Mark had the better of the things, but the split decision went the way of the Scottish boxer.

75kg -Teagn Stott ENG v Dylan Edwards WAL

Teagn boxed from an upright position against a shorter stockier fighter. As the Welsh boxer came forward Teagan whipped in some bolo shots up through the centre. In the second round, Teagan upped his work-rate and drove his opponent back. Towards the end of the round, the referee awarded the Welsh boxer a standing count, The last round was all Teagn, who totally controlled it even through the rallies by the Welsh boxer, earning a unanimous 5-0 decision.

Youths – Sunday

48kg Amir Kaur SCO v Jacey Birch ENG

Jacey appeared overwhelmed early on as the Scottish boxer pressed forward, but as the round went on she managed to regain her shape and score well. The second round saw Jacey begin to box at range and score as the Scottish boxer pressed. Jacey remained on her back foot being pressurised for the rest of the bout  as the split decision went 3-2 to the Scot.

49kg – Mykyle Ahmed ENG v Ryan Carlin SCO

It took a while before Mykyle managed to sort out his range, but, when he did, he managed to score punch for punch with the Scot. Behind from the first Mykyle began to dominate with his clear punches, even though the Scot was also scoring as he came forward. The last round was all action, with both trading shots as they stood toe-to-toe. The cleaner punches earned a win unanimous 5-0 decision for Mykyle.

52kg – Mo Hashim WAL v Cameron Paul ENG

The first round had Cameron boxing well, even though he was against a taller boxer with a longer reach. As the bout progressed, Cameron got slicker with his footwork and scored with superbly accurate well-timed shots with both hands. In close, he managed to strike the body of his opponent The last round again was a great display of boxing by Cameron, who pressurised his tiring opponent relentlessly to earn a 3-2 split decision win.

54kg – Dionne Polland SCO v Courtney Scott ENG (pictured above)

Courtney started well as she moved with ease around the outside of the ring, using her good footwork skills to move in and out of range to land her shots. As the bout progressed, the Scot pressurised, but Courtney was still in control from her relaxed southpaw stance. In the last round, Courtney controlled both the pace and the ring to earn a unanimous 5-0 decision.

56kg – Scott Jones WAL v Adan Mohammed ENG

At first, Adan appeared to be a little overwhelmed by his Welsh opponent, but once he found his feet he managed to counter well with some telling shots as the Welsh boxer pressed. This soon turned into a good crowd pleaser with both scoring well with both hands. Going into the final round, the bout was fairly even and it was another all action affair, with the boxers trying to unload big shots. The work-rate of both was to be commended, with the split decision going 4-1 to Adan.

57kg – Elise Glynn ENG v Chloe Morris WAL

Elise began the bout using her height and reach advantage. Triggering her opponent’s shot, Elise then countered well to the head of the Welsh boxer. This was the same for the second round, with the Welsh boxer becoming frustrated as the bout went on. The last round saw the Welsh boxer press forward continually as Elise skated around the outside of the ring countering well with both hands. Elise won by a unanimous 5-0 decision.

69kg – Taylor Bevan WAL v Clark Smith ENG

The first round seemed a little scrappy at times, both trying to set up the big punch. The second round was mainly fought in close, but Clark was able to miss a lot of his opponent’s punches with his slick foot and trunk defences while countering well. Clark upped his work-rate in the last round as the Welsh boxer faded, landing with some heavy shots but it was the Welsh boxer who got the nod with a 3-2 split decision.

75kg – Dan Toward ENG v Ali Laing SCO

Dan fought well within his comfort zone as he picked off the forward-fighting Scot. With both hands, Dan initiated attacks which at times left the Scot bewildered. The Scot pressured well but could not make an impact on the bout as Dan used his slick defensive skills to avoid being hit. The last round saw Dan move around the ring with ease, landing shots regularly. The bout was won by Dan by a 4-1 split decision.

81kg – Jason McCormack SCO v James Metcalf ENG

The first round saw both boxers looking to land the big shot, which at times saw them miss. As the bout went on, James took control with heavy handed punches, even though he took a lot from the Scot. Towards the end of the bout the Scot tired and was awarded a standing count following numerous shots form James, who went on to secure a unanimous 5-0 decision.

91kg – Reece Sloan ENG (pictured below, left) v Daniel McMurray SCO

Reece started the bout methodically and appeared to be waiting to land the big punch. His Scottish opponent, however, controlled the pace and scoring the better shots in the second round. In the third round, Reece came out to win from the start of the round, forcing the pace. Halfway through the round he landed a solid rear hand, causing the referee to award a standing count. This spurred Reece on even more and it was only a matter of time before the second standing count came before Reece won the bout by a unanimous decision.

91+kg – William Howe ENG v Jason Russell  SCO

William started the bout with confidence as he pressured the Scot, landing with good shots. As the bout progressed, William got stronger and stronger. In the second, he forced the pace and forced a standing count on his Scottish opponent. At the restart, William again threw volumes of accurate punches causing the Scottish corner to throw in the towel.