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Statement from the Chief Executive Gethin Jenkins

April 9, 2018 | by Gemma Field


Statement from England Boxing’s Chief Executive Gethin Jenkins: “Further to the statement that was issued on Sunday morning, please be assured we fully understand the annoyance and frustration experienced by our members at the Golden Gloves Box Cup which was meant to have taken place in Manchester over the weekend.

“To be clear Tom Gilbert left the organisation in December 2017 and England Boxing neither sanctioned or was involved in the organisation of the competition. Furthermore we do not have an event consultancy agreement with him.

“As with any competition there were England Boxing officials present. There is nothing unusual in this and our officials volunteer their time at these types of competitions and they attend Box Cups and bouts across the country. This, however, in no way means that England Boxing was responsible for or had any involvement in organising the event.

“We will obviously review the issues surrounding the event and will take lessons from this for future Box Cups and similar competitions in order to protect the interests of our membership. Furthermore we will fully consider whether there has been any breach of England Boxing regulations or safeguarding policies.

“As previously stated in terms of refunds we advise participants to contact the event organisers directly http://ukgoldengloves.co.uk 

“Once again we fully understand the annoyance and frustration of our members that attended the event and we will support them as much we can but we reiterate that England Boxing was not involved in sanctioning or running the event.”