Results from yesterday’s EUBC Shoolboys and Schoolgirls Competition in Bulgaria

May 25, 2018 | by Gemma Field


Results from yesterday’s EUBC Shoolboys and Schoolgirls Competition in Bulgaria

A busy day for our team our in Bulgaria yesterday and they came out with five wins from the eight bouts.

39kg Acacia Nuttall-Barron ENG  V Dorina Bogdan HUN – lost 4:1

The Hungarian opponent was taller and boxing in a southpaw stance, Acacia kept her shape as she boxed off of her back foot using her 1-2 combination to good effect. In the second round Acacia was taking the fight to her opponent pushing her back. Towards the end of the round Acacia was given a standing count. This spurred Acacia on who then pressed forward and gave her opponent a standing count. In the third round Acacia started well putting her combinations together. Towards the end of the round Acacia waited for her opponents attack, before responding. In a close competition the split decision went to the Hungarian

48kg Charan Dhesi ENG  V Eliska Cihlarova CZE – won RSC Rd1

From the outset Charan had only one intention and that was to dominate. In the earlier exchanges her opponent tried to prevent Charan from pushing her back by throwing straight shots as Charan came forward.

Charan powered her way through her opponents punches to land her own combinations. Following a left-right combination the referee gave the CZE girl a standing count. Following the first count it was a matter of seconds before Charan connected again, causing the referee to step in and end the bout. A good win for Charan and the team. Charan meets Robyn Murran IRL in the semi-finals 26/5

42kg  Sisi Panayotova BUL  V Ebony Jones ENG – won RSC Rd1

Ebony raced out to the centre of the ring and dominated from the off. Using good footwork and hand speed Ebony forced her opponent back, scoring with straight shots to the head. Halfway through the first round Ebony scored with a three punch  straight combination to the head, forcing the referee to award a standing count. After the restart Ebony again landed solid shots to her opponents head, the referee stopped the contest in Ebony’s favour. Another boost to team England. Ebony meets Giulia Massone ITA in the semi-finals 26/5

51kg Amalie Garcia ENG  V Luiza-Ana-Maria Graur ROU – won 5:0

The bout started with both trying to control the centre. Amalie with her switching stance style  throughout the first round landed some good scoring blows but was caught a few times on the way in. A good second round for the English boxer as she finished each combination with a telling shot. Avoiding most of the Romanians punches. In the last Amalie stood toe-to-toe with her opponent, as the Romanian pressed forward Amalie dodged the straight long shots of the Romanian before using clever footwork to move off at angles and land her scoring counters. Amalie won the bout by a unanimous decision. Amalie meets Francesca Falconeri ITA in the semi-finals 26/0

54kg Sophie Shore ENG  V Sofia Tsepotan UKR – won 3:2

Started well for both , their styles were very similar, the first round could have been fought in a telephone kiosk. In the second round Sophie adopted the hit and move tactic which worked well until she held her feet

The last round was full on for both boxers. Everytime either of them landed a shot they got hit back. With Sophie’s work rate being higher and her shots more accurate she took the split decision.

60kg Bianca-Madalin Vasilache ROU  V Abby Briggs ENG – won RSC Rd1

This was a determined Abby, from the outset Abby drove her Jab through the Romanians defence followed by her rear hand. As the Romanian backed off so Abby pushed forward. It wasn’t long before the Romanian took a standing count. At the restart Abby again piled through the Romanians defence with power and accuracy, within seconds forcing the referee to step in and stop the bout in Abby’s favour. Abby meets Sara Skapik SRB in the semi-final 26/5

40kg Caleb Price ENG  V Laszio Balogh HUN – lost 5:0

A good first round for Caleb who made good use of the ring as he evaded the Hungarians attacks and countered well with both hands. From his southpaw stance he used his back hand well. In the second round the Hungarian piled forward making both boxers work look scrappy. The last round Caleb got back into his boxing with some good 1-2 counters, even though the Hungarian pushed forward his shots weren’t landing as clean as Caleb’s. The unanimous decision was given to the Hungarian, which could have gone the other way.

38.5kg Anton Avdienko RUS  V Harry Johnson ENG – lost 5:0

The pace of the first round was electric, both boxers throwing combinations and counters continually during the exchanges. Harry from his southpaw stance scored well with his backhand as the Russian came forward.

The Russian had some good spells in the first. The second was much the same Harry had a strong first half of the round but in the latter stages the Russian stepped up a gear to force Harry back. In the third Harry’s tactics were to hit and move, which worked well, however the constant pressure of the Russian caught the eye of the judges who awarded a unanimous decision to the Russian. A hard fought contest which Harry can be very proud of. On leaving the ring and the field of play Harry was applauded by the opponent who also shook his hand.


Boxing today, 25th May:


2pm session (12pm UK time)

  • 48kg Aleksei Zhelbunov RUS V Osama Mohamed ENG – Ring A, bout 4
  • 54kg Rastko Simic SRB  V  Matthew Knipe ENG – Ring B, bout 4
  • 50kg Ladislav Plachetka CZE   V  Royston Barney -Smith ENG – Ring A, bout 5
  • 59kg Savelli Suprunets UKR  V  Zac Nearney ENG – Ring B, bout 12


5:30pm session (3:30pm UK time)

  • 68kg Stafan Stefanov BUL  V  Vinny Huczmann (eve) – Ring A, bout 12