New Era Boxing Club fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Action

April 3, 2018 | by Gemma Field


New Era Boxing Club welcomed the public into their gym to try boxing and raise vital funds for Ovarian Cancer Action UK.

Box2Beat is an initiative set up by the charity that calls on fitness instructors and personal trainers, gyms and boxing clubs to host classes and fitness events based around boxing.

Each participant was asked for a donation of £10 but through the generosity of the participants the club raised £500 for Ovarian Cancer Action UK.

Head Coach Mark Bebbington said: “I ran the session alongside other club coaches and supported by both junior, youth and senior boxers. The session was mixed between boxing-based skills and techniques, partner work and then pad and bag work.

“We also give the participants a workout similar to those of a boxer which included circuit training, interval and ‘core’ and ab work. For many, this was an enjoyable experience from what they would typically experience within a standard fitness gym and allowed them a chance to experience new skills and exercises.

“Some of the participants were the parents or partners of club members and was the first time that they had joined in the training despite visiting the club many times. Following the session, we have had members from the session join in the main club sessions as well as family members of participants joining our cadet and junior sessions.

“Due to the success of this session and a demand for more, the club intends to run more sessions in which we can engage new members while raising money for good causes along the way.”