Junior England squad close year out with victory in Ireland

November 6, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Team England’s Junior squad recorded a 6-3 victory over their Irish counterparts in an international duel which took place in Dungarvan, County Waterford on Saturday 4th November.

The squad consisted of nine boxers who were all part of the triumphant EUBC Junior European Championships 2023 squad which claimed 12 medals.

The duel provided a chance for those individuals to measure their progress since the summer, against a strong Ireland team who are in the midst of preparations for the forthcoming IBA Junior World Championships in Armenia.

National coach Mick Maguire, who led the coaching team at the duel, heralded the experience that international duels provide: “Matches like these are extremely valuable for the development of the whole team.

“Both boxers and coaches will have gained essential experience in all the elements of international boxing.

“As well as the obvious and essential contest experience, there are so many other benefits that take place on these trips, with the team learning the mechanisms of airport travel, staying away from home, and the general hustle and bustle that surrounds boxing abroad.”

Maguire was impressed with the performance of the squad and was grateful to those who made the duel a reality: “The performance from the whole team demonstrated that they are now becoming seasoned and are comfortable with all the demands that international tournaments place upon them.

“I would like to thank our Performance office staff who have worked around the clock for weeks to ensure that this trip could be delivered smoothly. I’d also like to give a huge thank you to Gerry Omahoney and the Irish Boxing Association for hosting our team and giving us all such a wonderful opportunity to compete.”

With international competition ending for the Junior squad in 2023, Maguire reflected on a strong year that lays the foundations for future success.

“This year has been an outstanding one for this group of boxers, with strong showings both at the EUBC Junior European Championships and now against a solid Ireland squad in Dungarvan. The results provide the future bodes well for this talented group of boxers.

“They have all worked very hard across the whole year and that hard work has shown in the results they have produced. It is also important to note that the support that each boxer has been given by their club coaches is a huge part of the success of the individuals and the team.

“This was most evident during the recent residential camp in Sheffield where many of the club coaches came in to join the delivery of the training for the first day of the camp.”

The Junior team will commune for one final camp in 2023, with the Performance group coming together in the North and South on Sunday 12th November and the Development group meeting in the North and South on Sunday 19th November.

Ireland vs England November 2023 Duel Results:

Female, Under 48kg: Ruby White (Sturminster Newton) beat Lauren Crinnion by a unanimous decision. White showed composure as she cruised to a convincing win.

Female, Under 52kg: Grace Conway beat Hollie Haskins (Broadplain) by a 2-1 split decision. Haskins produced a great performance boxing up a weight, but fell to a narrow defeat.

Female, Under 54kg: Caitlyn Wise (Worcester City) beat Tegan Farrelly by a unanimous decision. Wise stuck to a pre-conceived game plan and secured a convincing win as a result.

Female, Under 60kg: Lexie Walker (Wodensborough) beat Robyn Wolverson by a 2-1 split decision. Walker showed a great deal of heart to turn the bout around and get the decision.

Female, Under 70kg: Mary McDonagh beat Shannon Warren (Tamworth) by a unanimous decision. Warren boxed exceptionally but fell to defeat against the European Silver Medalist.

Male, Under 48kg: Aaron Keogh beat Humza Malik (Repton) by a 2-1 split decision. Malik produced a great performance that could have resulted in a different decision on another day.

Male, Under 50kg: Mohammad Safari (The Ring) beat James Casey by KO. A great performance by Manny saw him claim a second-round stoppage.

Male, Under 66kg: Kevin Richardson (Houghton) beat Pat Corcoran by a unanimous decision. Richardson displayed courage and heart to break down his opponent across the contest.

Male, Under 70kg: John Joe Carrigan (Border City) beat Alex Noonan Carmody by a unanimous decision. Carrigan put on a typical display of skill to secure a unanimous win and a 6-3 victory for England.