Join IBA webinar on Building Clean Sport Communities

January 20, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


The latest in IBA’s webinar series will take place on Wednesday 26th January on the theme of Building Clean Sport Communities.

It follows monthly anti-doping education webinars in in 2021 which will continue to be delivered in English, and simultaneously translated to Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

The webinar will take place at 2pm to 3pm CET (1pm to 2pm UK time) and you can register for the webinar by clicking here.

While the anti-doping landscape can be complex, one of the purposes of these sessions is to break down the complexities by presenting topics in an engaging and athlete-friendly manner.

With the help of experts and athlete guests, the IBA hosts will deliver anti-doping education informally and in a relaxed setting, offering interaction with participants and welcoming live questions throughout the sessions.

Guests will be Andrew Heyes, Dr Aya Nakitanda and Jared Tallent, who will discuss the importance of a clean sport community and how, in whatever role we have, we can make a valuable contribution to ensuring our environment is doping free.

All have demonstrated a strong, unwavering commitment to clean sport and will share examples from their own experiences as athletes who have competed at the very top of their sport.

They will also discuss what clean sport means to them, why anti-doping is everyone’s responsibility – not solely the athlete who is to be tested – and offer practical tips on how to build a clean sport community.