GB Elite Three Nations 2022 – England’s fantastic five go through into tomorrow’s final

May 28, 2022 | by Harry Judd


Team England make it five out of five in the first day of the GB Elite Three Nations 2022 in Cardiff.

The Three Lions’ were punch perfect in what was a fantastic start to the GB Elite Three Nations 2022 in Cardiff, Wales.

  1. Male  Under 60kg – Giorgio Visioli (Repton) beat Korben Crocker (Wales) by unanimous decision.


  1. Male, Under 63.5kg –Louie O’doherty (Halstead & Essex Uni) beat Dafydd Jones (Wales) by  unanimous decision.


  1. Male, Under 67kg  – Huey Malone beat (Christ The King) Liam Taylor (Wales) by unanimous decision.


4. Male, Under 71kg – Ted Jackson (St Paul’s) beat Morgan Mcintosh (Scotland) by split decision.


5. Male, Under 86kg – Ben Andrews (Torbay) beat Aaron Bird (Wales) by split decision


Tomorrow’s Schedule

Afternoon session

* Kelsey Owen  v  Leah Regan  (WALES)

* Holly Heffron  v Stephanie Kernachan (SCOT)

* Shaun Huddart  v Scott Rochards (WALES)

*Elise Glynn  v Zoe Andrews (WALES)

*Jack Turner v Peter Paton (SCOT)

* Lucy Kings-Wheatley vs Carys Mainwaring (WALES)

* Giorgio Visoili v Zac Hickman (WALES)

* Sarah Dunne Lana Cooper (WALES)

*Louie O’Doherty v Luke Bibby (WALES)

*Dionne Burman v Shannon Lawson (SCOT)

*Huey Malone v Sean Spence (Scot)

*Ted Jackson v Harry Mcgrenra (SCOT)

*Demi Carter v Caitlin Kelly (SCOT)

*Dan Toward v Arran Devine (SCOT)

*Issac OKoh v Robert Mcnulty (SCOT)

*Ben Andrews v Ronald Devlin (SCOT)

*Patrick Brown v Cassius Walker-Hunt (WALES)

*Harvey Dykes v Connal Mcdonald (SCOT)