European Schoolboy and Schoolgirls Championships Semi Final Updates

May 28, 2018 | by Gemma Field


European Schoolboy and Schoolgirls Championships Semi Final Updates

50kg Royston Barney-Smith ENG V Vadim Alekseev RUS

A good first round for the England boxer, holding his feet and out boxing his opponent, beating him to the punch with both hands.

The second round the Russian had a little more success but not to the level of Royston who worked well throughout, Switching his attack from body to head and at times from an orthodox stance.

The last round had both boxers trying to control the ring, Roystons pressure paid off, at times drawing the Russian onto his shots, immediatly followed by front foot pressure as he pushed Vadim back.

Vadim was a very game competitor who was out worked and out boxed by the English Lion.

Royston now meets Irelands James Francis Donovan.


54kg John Garry Fay IRL  V Matthew Knipe ENG

This was an entertaining bout from the begining, with nothing between them, Both landing with good scoring blows to the head of each other.

The second round was no different, at times they stood toe-to-toe trading blows, Matthew managed to bring up a few uppercuts amongst the exchanges.

In the last round the boxers did not stop, towards the end of the round the constant work rate had taken its toll, with a few infringements that stopped the flow the unanumous decision went to the England boxer who now faces the Russian Spartak Gevorkian in the final.


43kg Shane Patterson ENG V  Maksym Karmalita UKR

Both boxers in their southpaw stances, took to the centre , the pressure was from the UKR boxer as Shane back peddled punching where he could

The second round was very similar to the first with Shane holding his ground more.

Shanes punches seemed to be landing cleaner than the Ukraines.

In the last round with the cleaner shots landing through the middle as the Ukraine came pressing forward, Shane got the nod on the split decision and now meets the Russian  Rusaian Tkhakushinov in the final.


80kg Enriko Itauma ENG  V Oleksandr Ilchenko UKR

Enriko came out positive picking off his opponent with ease, using good footwork slipping outside of the Ukraines punches and countering well.

Halfway through the round Enriko landed a solid left hand to the head causing the referee to step in and award a count.

At the restart Enriko forced the Ukraine onto his back foot as he piled on the pressure

The Ukraine failed to defend the barrage of punches and was awarded another standing count stopping the bout in Enriko’s favour

Enriko now faces Artem Novikov of Russia in the final


68kg Lurie Grigoruta MDA  V Vinny Huczmann ENG

The two set about each other with pace, Vinny moving around the ring well picking his straight shots well. The Moldovan trying to get in close to unload his punches

In the exchanges the Moldovan had some success, but in the main Vinny defended well.

Vinny having to be mindful that this opponent is trying to land the big punch as he stalks the England boxer

As the bout went on Vinny relaxed and let his punches go, straight shots through the middle and countering his opponents attacks with his lead hand hooks.

All the time the foot work of Vinny was working well.

In the last round Vinny boxed off of his back foot as he was moving nicely around the ring.

The split decision went to the Moldovan.