EUBC Schoolboys and Schoolgirl Championships finals results

May 30, 2018 | by Gemma Field


EUBC Schoolboys and Schoolgirl Championships finals results

A day in which our boxers did England proud, with four of our seven boxers competing today winning gold. All boxers performed admirably against world class opponents and gives us a total of 10 medals as a return from the event. England won four golds (Ebony Jones, Shane Patterson, Royston Barney Smith, Enriko Itauma), three silvers (Charan Dhesi, Abby Briggs, Matthew Knipe) and three bronzes (Amalie Garcia, Sophie Shore, Vinny Huczmann).

Our male boxers finished second in the event behind Russia and our female boxers finished third. Cumulatively, England finished third in the overall event. A very good set of results from a talented group of boxers which promise a bright future.


42kg Daria Kostkina RUS  V Ebony Jones ENG – won 3:2

In true Ebony style, she took the bout to the Russian from the off, tracking her around the ring and unloading 3 and 4 punch combinations. Both boxers are of a similar style, the Russian getting through with some straight shots making for a good bout. The second round was a bit more controlled by both, Ebony varying the amounts of punches in her combinations, the Russian trying to land solid one-twos. In the third the Russian stepped up the pace having more success, with her straight shots. Ebony held her ground and matched her opponent punch for punch. The split decision went to the England boxer gaining Team England their first Gold medal.




48kg Karina Korbova RUS  V Charan Dhesi ENG – lost 5:0

The Russian started on the front foot and remained there throughout, forcing Charan back. The second round was very similar to the first, although Charan had a bit more success with her one-two straight combination. Charan stepped up a gear in the last round sending here one-two combinations down the centre catching her opponent every time and then moving off. The Russian didn’t let up with the pressure as she powered her way through to a unanimous decision. A good Silver medal for Charan and the team.





60kg Abby Briggs ENG  V Nadezhda Golubeva RUS – lost RSC Rd1

Both boxers met in the middle of the ring, the Russian threw shot after shot straight at Abby’s head, whilst Abby tried to concentrate on throwing a sharp one-two. The power and momentum of the Russian came through, even though at times Abby was forcing her opponent back, halfway through the round Abby received a standing count after a strong rear hand from the Russian. On the restart Abby went straight back at the Russian trying to level up the round, within a barrage of punches Abby got caught again and received a second count. The referee allowed the bout to go on for another 5 seconds before stopping it in the Russians favour.




43kg Ruslan Tkhakushinov RUS  V Shane Patterson ENG – won 3:2

Shane got off to a fast start picking off the Russian with both hands, the Russian held off for most of the round waiting to counter. The slick foot work and fast hands of Shane were confusing the Russian. As the round went on the Russian became more frustrated. The last round was a joy to watch, with Shane totally out-classing the Russian, hitting him with combinations, from both southpaw and orthodox stances. The Russian landed a couple of solid punches to Shanes head, which he shrugged off and kept to his boxing. Shane got the split decision to earn himself and the team another gold.




50kg Royston Barney-Smith ENG  V James Francis Donovan IRL – won 5:0

The round started with both clashing in the middle, the referee had to separate them. The better shots were from Royston as he connected with his jab as the Irish boxer came leaping in. The referee gave the Irish boxer a warning for holding early on in the round. In the second round the two were at each other continually both landing good scoring blows. This had the crowd on their feet throughout. In the third round the bout got a little untidy when the boxers got caught up with each other, during these spells the Irish boxer threw the English boxer to the floor on two occasions causing the referee to give the Irish boxer a warning. Royston won the bout by a unanimous decision, earning him his second EUBC schoolboy gold medal.



54kg Spartak Gevorkian RUS  V Matthew Knipe ENG – lost 5:0

Matthew moved out into the centre of the ring, being the taller of the two boxers he tried to use his reach with his jab. The Russian was very quick with his feet to start with which enabled him to move in and out scoring with single shots. As the bout went on both boxers worked inside well and as they parted they both threw punches which often missed. For much of round two and three they were standing ‘toe-to-toe’ exchanging blows, the cleaner of which were from the Russian. The unanimous decision went to the Russian boxer, leaving Matthew with a well earned silver medal





80kg Enriko Itauma ENG  V Artem Novikov RUS – won 5:0

Enriko took the fight to the Russian, picking his punches well and using good foot and trunk defences to avoid being hit. When the Russian was covering up Enriko switched to the body, unloading hooks from both sides. In the second round Enriko pushed the Russian back, selecting his shots well as he took the body and head, occasionally getting caught by the Russian. In the last round the Russian looked tired as Enriko cut the ring off and hit him at will. Enriko boxed well within his comfort zone as he destroyed the Russians chances of gold. This was another good performance by Enriko winning the Gold medal by a unanimous decision