England Boxing National Schools Championship 2018 finalists’ opportunity

July 4, 2018 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Talent have decided to invite all finialists from 2018 England Boxing School Championships in the Minors, Class A and Class B (male and female) to a day in EIS Sheffield – the home of GB Boxing.

The day will consist of an education piece, an insight into life as an International boxer, as well as boxing training/sparring by England Coaches during the day.

Please click on the link below to sign up to attend the day:


*Please don’t worry about the weight in which you competed at the championships – we understand that as young boxers you are growing athletes and therefore we don’t expect you to be at this weight any longer.  We will check your weight on arrival simply to establish which groups you’re to be placed in for the day.*

**Due to the large volume of boxers expected at this day we kindly ask parents and coaches to arrive with their boxer to register them and complete a parental consent form but then to depart until the day ends around 4pm to pick them up**


DATE:  Sunday 29th July

TIME:  11:00am till 4:00pm

LOCATION: EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S95DA

WHAT TO BRING: BCR1 (medical card), Lunch and a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day.

TRAINING GEAR: bandages, sparring gloves (14o/z), headguard, boots, gumshield, protector, skipping rope, running trainers


Any questions then please contact:

Development Coach 

Amanda Coulson on 07710-097820


Please check the list below for your name and club of those invited:

Minors Championship Finalists (Boys)

29.5kg- Leighton Birchall (Sharpstyle)

Harry Penny (West Ham)

31kg- John Tom Varey (Sharpstyle)

Musa Sheikh (Fairbarin)

32.5kg- Shane Price (Trumpington)

Cory Spencer (Phil Thomas)

34kg- Esah Mudasar (Platinum)

John Joe Lee (Guilford)

35.5kg- Bronton Creighton (Darlington)

Alby Smith (Repton)

37kg-  Francie Doherty (Pinewood)

Kyle Page (2nd City)

38.5kg-  Joe Cooper (Pinewood)

Mackenzie Moore (Spartan)

40kg- Martin N Barrett (Powerday Hooks)

Will Fenton (St Pauls)

41.5kg- Rocky Johnstone (Attleborough)

Michael Sweeny (Small Heath)

43kg-  Oliver Robson (District Youth)

Ross Hednrick (Gemini)

44.5kg- Patrick Doherty (Powerday Hooks)

Christiano Maragh (Metro)

46kg-  Bernie McDonogh (Ardwick Lads

Ben Moore (Hastings Westhill)

48kg- Zakk Gibbons (Sedburgh)

Brendon Pearson (Shildon)

50kg- Lee Brinkley (Redcar)

Dylan Walls (Tiverton)

54kg- Sam Hardy (Newark)

Alfie Baker (Peterborough Police)


Minors Championship Finalists (Girls)

34kg-  Nancy Shepherd (Kent Gloves)

Kira Rose Mitchell (Inner City)

35.5kg-  Kiera Bowden (Redcar)

Scarlett McAllen (North Holt)

38.5- Jocelyn Kilkenny (East Middlesbrough)

Laylie Heath (Lampton Street)

41.5kg-  Macey Butler (ERT)

Ruby Atkinson (Birtley)

50kg-  Allana Shaw (Hamer)

Lilly Deacon (Roukeys Gym)

54kg- Amelia New (Sunderland)

Dixie O’Mahony (Golden Ring)


Class A runner-up (boys)

29.5kg – Joe Fallon (Powerday Hooks)

31kg- Cain Alexander (Rotunda)

32.5kg- Paddy Ward (The Ring)

34kg- Jimmy Doherty (West Ham)

35.5kg- Johnny Fitzharris (Kings Heath)

37kg- Jonny Doherty Guilford)

38.5kg- Paddy Casey (Pound Lane)

40kg- Elijah Shaw (Bodyshots)

41.5kg- John Smith (Sporting Ring)

43kg- Yusuf Hussain (Prospects)

44.5kg- Danny Searle (Guilford)

46kg- Bradley Lowther (Burnmatofts)

48kg- Leo Sewards (Golden Gloves)

50kg- Lewis Whelan-Barone (Islington)

52kg- Logan Sheridan (Stratford Upon Avon)

54kg- Troy Richmond (Sandygate)

56kg- Michael O’Regan (Second City)

59kg- James Mongans (Ardwick Lads

62kg- John Mongans (Ardwick Lads)

68kg- Ethan Moore (Downend)


Class A runner-up (girls)

38.5kg- Stevie-leigh Vickers (Crook Town)

41.5kg- Katie Ryan (Seconds Out)

46kg- Ellie O’Brien (Wirrall)

50kg- Skye Wilkes (Darlaston)

52kg- Macey Goulding (Golden Ring)

54kg- Gracie Holland (Priory Park)

59kg- Amber Moss-Birch (Golden Ring)


Class B runner-up (boys)

29.5kg- Leonard Herne (Epic)

31kg-Simon O’Donnell (Powerday Hooks)

32.5kg- Harris Brown (Jennings)

34kg- Mark Smith (March)

35.5kg- Reuben Muston (Whitley)

37kg- Alfie Hedges (Pinewood)

38.5kg- Sammy Varey (Trowbridge)

40kg- Arbi Bytyqi (West Ham)

41.5kg- John Love (Pounds Lane)

43kg-  Jack Dadack (Sharpstyle)

44.5kg- Tom Baker (Repton)

46kg-Joshua Crabb (Chalvedon)

48g- Kyron Hughes (Islington)

50kg- Jenson Todd (Bell Green)

52kg- Bobby Prior (Pinewood)

54kg- Keiran Devine (Sefton)

56kg- Jake Thurston (Trumpington)

59kg- Calvin Chakki (West Warrick)

62kg- George Welsh (West Kingsdown)

65kg- Henry Rowbotham (Gus Robinson)

68kg- Kieron Ray (Poseidon)

72kg- Abdul Hakim Shamis (Omibus)


Class B runner-up (girls)

44.5kg- Neve Lawson (Seconds Out)

48kg- Zara Aitchison (Kings Heath)

54kg- Libby Warren (Queensbury)

59kg- Charlotte Bannister (Eastside)

65kg- Anouska Freeman (Birtley)