England Boxers take on USA talent

January 11, 2018 | by Gemma Field


England Boxing have selected nine athletes to take on young boxers from the USA in Blackpool on Saturday 13 January.

The nine athletes prepared for the meet with a preparation camp in Sheffield on 7 January.

Tickets to watch the bouts are available online here

Bouts begin at 18:30

Full list of England boxers competing:


46Kg Mykyle Ahmed Manor Yorkshire

46Kg Roberto Lacourt Hooks London

48Kg Callum Makin Kirkdale Merseyside & Cheshire

54.5Kg Jude Moore Downend Police Western Counties

60Kg Louai Ali O’Dells West Midlands


46.5Kg Thomas McEvoy Salisbury Merseyside & Cheshire

52Kg Ivan Hope Price Hunslet Yorkshire

56Kg Harry Kinsella Kirkdale Merseyside & Cheshire


64Kg Aquib Fiaz Northside North West Region