Community Boxing Apprentices spotlight: Mijanul Amin

October 6, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


The apprenticeships have been created to harness the excitement and interest in the sport generated by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – and provide a lasting legacy. Mijanul Amin is excited to bring diverse communities together and spread the benefits of boxing.


What is your name and age? 

My name is Mijanul Amin and I’m 19-years-old.

Are you part of a club already and if so in what capacity (i.e. coach, boxer, judge etc..)?

Yes, my club is Team Shoe-Box in Northampton. I am an amateur boxer hoping to turn professional soon and I am also an England Boxing Level 1 Coach.

How did you first get into boxing? 

I started boxing when I was 16 and I originally started as a way to get fit and gain confidence. At that time I felt as though I was fat and I was being racially bullied. Once I started, however, I fell in love with the sport and I got this sudden realisation that I was actually good at something. Since then, boxing has taught me the importance of discipline and hard work, but most importantly how to enjoy myself.

What has been your favourite experience in boxing so far? 

My first bout. The emotions I felt were thrilling. The camaraderie, both before and after the bout, was reassuring. The whole experience made me certain that I’m going to go somewhere with boxing, and it set me up in terms of my future and my goals.

How excited are you to be working to help your local boxing community and what are you looking forward to the most? 

I am very excited! I want to help my community by showing them how boxing is suitable for everyone, whether you just want to get fit or want to compete. I want people to reap the benefits that boxing can provide, both mentally and physically.

What do you hope to get out of your apprenticeship? 

I want to spread boxing to as many people as I possibly can! No matter the religion, race, or gender – everyone has a part to play.