Boxers’ reactions to their victories at the National Youth Championships

February 19, 2018 | by Gemma Field


After the success of the England Boxing National Youth Championships 2018, we caught up with the boxers after their wins. Check out their reactions here:

Morgan Ansell (Clearys) 48kg National Youth Champion.

“It’s great to have won. I’m just going to keep training.”

Bradley Thompson (Donnington) 49kg National Youth Champion.

“It feels unreal to be the National Champion. I’m well happy with that. I had to dig deep for that because it was a tough fight. He came to win but so did I. I am happy I won it though. The belts are gorgeous and this competition is brilliant.”

Simran Kaur (Kings Heath) 51kg National Youth Champion.
“It feels amazing to be National Champion especially because I am the year below and she is a GB athlete. The bout was alright I think I did really well. I stuck to the tactics and kept it long. The competition is great, the venue has been great.”

Hope Price (Hunslet) 52kg National Youth Champion.

‘I expected it. I won this title last year so to win it twice

in a row is good, on to the Europeans now.’

Chloe Morris (Scunthorpe) 54kg National Youth Champion.

‘Bloody amazing, I’ve got a week of recovering and then I’ll be back in the gym training with my dad and my coaches’

Joe Tyers (Darlington) 56kg National Youth Champion.

“It’s a good feeling to be National Champion. I had a few hard fights this weekend but anyone can win it. I had never really seen the lad before but it is what it is and you have to adapt. It’s been a great competition. It’s great to have been involved.”

Elise Glynn (Hook and Jab) 57kg National Youth Champion.

“It feels great, I’ve got a great team behind me from Hook and Jab and Amanda Groarke my coach who has helped me to get here today. I was the only female youth boxer to box three times and it felt great to get into the ring and the ring rust off ahead of the Europeans. I think it’s a great venue and lovely atmosphere and the layout is great.”

Caroline Dubois (Repton) 60kg National Youth Champion.

‘I feel very happy, I’ve worked very hard for this, all month. Since the beginning of this month I’ve been working hard and to achieve it, is just amazing. I feel very happy, I feel very proud I’m so lucky, I feel very blessed to have a father like my dad who will keep working me and pushing me no matter how hard it gets’

Azim Hassan (Pinewood) 64kg National Youth Champion.

‘I feel really great man. I lost it last year but this year is mine, the Youth title opens so many doors and I can’t wait to get my hands on the European Title.’

Owen Cooper (Worcester City) 69kg National Youth Champion.

“This is all I’ve wanted. I’ve been boxing four years ago on Thursday was my first fight and I’m happy that four years later I’ve come to this. It was a very tough bout. You’ve got to give credit to him it was hard in there tonight. Seeing the belt earlier pushed me on. I didn’t want to lose it. I’ve been nervous all day, not for the fight but because I wanted that belt. I want to thank everyone, all my coaches, my family and the club for bringing me here.”

Gemma Richardson (Scunthorpe) 69kg National Youth Champion.

“It feels amazing. I mean normally when you have more titles you have more pressure but I believe it. It’s my fourth national title now. I was tired at the start of the bout and normally I’m an aggressive boxer but I had to stand off and box a bit more. I’m not normally 69 so I think I was a bit fast for her. I think it’s good that the final day has ring walk music and set times. It definitely gets you up a bit more.”

Connor Tudsbury (Moss Side) 75kg National Youth Champion.

‘Amazing absolutely amazing. It means everything it means my future what I can accomplish in the future is all based on what happens now. It means I’ll be going to more England camps, getting better. That’s the only way you get better and progress is learning from the England Camps’

Karol Ituma (St Mary’s) 81kg National Youth Champion.            

‘I can’t describe it, all the 5am runs, all the training, all the running, all the work that my coaches have been putting in to me its all about that reward its all paid off and it shows in the ring when you prepare and you give it 100% it results in you winning. Now that I’ve won this I can look at things like European Championships, excel, I can go further thanI’ve ever been before so I’m excited and Mathew said With God all things are possible.’