Date February 6, 1936
Location The Stadium Cub, High Holborn
Year 1936
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Class A kg A Cuzick (Upper Thomas Street BC) E Wallace (Catford and District BC)
kg J Owen (Hendon BC) F Cotgrave (Birkenhead AA and BC)
kg T Lye (Fulham BC) H Richards (Upper Thomas Street BC)
kg MR Lewis (Melingriffith BC) S Riches (West Ham BC)
kg G McGrath (St Davids BC) AW Groves (Watneys BC)
kg R Downing (Portslade & Hove BC) D Wigzell (BTH)
kg AD Russell (Fulham ABC) J Forrester (Gainsford BC)
Class B kg E Donne (Melingriffith BC) T Carey (Birkenhead AA and BC)
kg JJ Boom (Limehouse, Poplar & District ABC) R Russell (Rotherham Boys' Club)
kg CC Gallie (Cardiff Gas BC) P O'Donoghue (Watney's BC)
kg D Parnell (Birkenhead A.A. and BC) ET Allden (Metropolitan ABC)
kg C Chalkley (Letchworth ABC) GJ Lewis (Melingriffith BC)
kg R Stanlake (Battersea ABC) F Edmonds (West Ham BC)
kg HG Brooke (Repton BC) JV Gratton (Civil Service BC)