Schools Championships 2023: Boxers and Bouts of the tournament

May 16, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


The boxers and bouts of the tournament from the England Boxing National Schools Championships 2023 can now be announced.

They have been chosen by the England Performance team of coaches who attended the event over the weekend at the Guildford Spectrum in the Southern Counties region.

Images by Andy Chubb and Clive Wood.

Boxers of the tournament – Female

Cadet – Verity Page (Mackenzie’s), Under 46kg.

Class A – Ella Welland (Hoddesdon), Under 40kg.

Class B – Jaya Kalsi (Cleary’s), Under 48kg.

Boxers of the tournament – Male

Cadet – Evander Dickinson (Birtley), Under 50kg.

Class A – Charlie Keet (Heart of Portsmouth), Under 40kg.

Class B – Yashua Fleming (TM Boxing), Under 48kg.

Female bouts of the tournament

Cadet – Salote Biu (Golden Ring) v Madeline Arnott (Birtley), Under 34kg

Class A – Letitia McKee (Birkenhead Venture) v Scarlett Booth (CNC), Under 51kg.

Class B – Ruby Took (Crowle) v Serena Mali (Cleary’s), Under 51kg.

Male bouts of the tournament

Cadet – Bernie Mongon (Ardwick Lads) v Tegan Whay (Rayne), Under 59kg.

Class A – Freddie Roast (Dagenham) v Larry Rooney (Sporting Ring), Under 30kg.

Class B – Charlie Ward (Pinewood) v Tommy Stanley (Newham), Under 34kg.

Many congratulations to all those selected!

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