New initiative helps people with Parkinson’s

December 20, 2017 | by Gemma Field


Dennis Stinchcombe MBE, Broadplains Boxing Club, has been teaching people with Parkinson’s boxing skills in a bid to improve their coordination and fitness levels.

Stinchcombe MBE coaches the group alongside Jay Thomas and together they provide intensive physical exercise and cognitive challenges.

The group is made up of participants who are over 60 and have had Parkinson’s for over five years but together Stinchcombe MBE and Thomas have helped the group develop their skills.

Teenager Thomas has especially charmed the group with his patience and understanding and under Stinchcombe’s mentoring he’s flourished through boxing.

One of the participants commented: “We have been encouraged, cajoled, pushed to our limits and yes, charmed by this unassuming young man who was quite obviously unused to older people, especially in his new and responsible role of tutor and teacher.

“However, he has risen to the challenge, starting out as a shy stand-offish teenager waiting to be given instruction by Dennis, to becoming a confident instructor, sensitive to our limits but encouraging us to push ourselves up to and beyond them, if we can. He has initiated exercises which Dennis now incorporates in our training and we genuinely look forward to his being with us every week.

“Temperamentally, he is patient, kind when we are struggling, always smiling and clearly pleased to be in this new role where he is valued and admired. When Dennis was unable to lead the group, due to his Achilles injury, Jay stepped in and quietly took over.”

To watch an interview and to hear more information on the group click here