Formal notice: England Boxing AGM 2022 agenda / voting

August 22, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny

Date: Monday 12th September 2022
Start time: 6pm
Venue: Crowne Plaza Royal Victoria Sheffield
Address: Victoria Station Rd, Sheffield, S4 7YE
Parking: onsite parking is available


1. To receive the minutes from the 25th Annual General meeting.

2. To receive the Chairman’s and CEO’s report for the Company for the year, which you can find by clicking here.

3. To receive a report on the Company’s accounts for the year.

4. To consider and vote on the proposed special resolution to make changes to the Articles of Association to facilitate virtual and hybrid General Meetings and Board Meetings. The proposed changes can be found by clicking here. These changes proposed by the Board are intended to ensure and to clarify that, following the experience of Covid-19, the organisation can hold General Meetings and Board Meetings virtually or in a hybrid form without difficulty and to facilitate remote participation in meetings as is now established practice in Sports Governing Bodies.

5. Any other business, provided no less than seven days before the AGM takes place. AOB proposals must be sent in writing to, FAO of Jerome Pels. After the formal part of the AGM, the Board will take questions from the floor including progress on the Strategy for the period 2022-27.

By Order of the Board
Jerome Pels
(Chief Executive Officer)

Voting and Articles

The Articles of the Company state that a club representative must have an authorisation document signed by two club officers in order to confirm them as authorised to vote. A copy of this form is below.

All signed forms must be sent to the England Boxing office to enable basic attendance numbers to be established and confirm that the club is able to vote in accordance with the Articles of Association.

In addition to voting members, Associations are entitled to send a representative, who can attend and speak but not vote on behalf of that Association. Secretaries have been sent an invitation for their Committees to determine their representative.

All representatives are required to bring copies of the signed forms on the AGM day to enable them to represent their club/association.
Access an authorised club voting form by clicking here.

Details of the Articles including quorum can be found by clicking here.

Please note that in the event the meeting is not quorate at the 6pm start time, then the AGM can proceed as quorate at 7pm.

The AGM proceedings can therefore be completed on the day. In the event this happens, the intervening period shall be filled by the Board taking questions from those in attendance.