England youngsters head for Cardiff

February 7, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


The England squad to take on Wales in a duel today will arrive in Cardiff later today (Friday 7th February) determined to secure overall victory in what is a first duel of 2020 for the Three Lions.

After a few changes to the original squad, the final team is detailed below.

The bouts will take place at the Sports Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens tomorrow and Sunday (8th and 9th February).

The coaching team will be made up of Q Shillingford, Shiney Singh, Laura Sargeant and Rhuari Kane.


Luke Rodda (Repton)

Jocelyn Kilkenny (East Middlesbrough)


Cain Alexander (Rotunda, pictured)

Thomas Varey (Sharpstyle)

Joshua Rose (Hall Green)

Muhammed Ali (Earl Shilton)

Aaron Bird (Olympian)

Ashleigh Lane (East Middlesbrough)

Jimmy Dean Wood (Kent Gloves).