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Club case study: Zestus ABC aiding people's wellbeing

From helping people's mental health during lockdown to being…

How hobbies can help your mental wellbeing

Do you have a hobby? If you do, then you're already likely to know the many benefits having a hobby or hobbies can have on your mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 19 – Put a spring back into your step and smile!

Sunday 20th March marks the first day of spring, when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter and nature starts to bloom. This week we look at how the change in season has an impact on our wellbeing.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 18 – We can’t all be superheroes, but we are all super humans

This week's Wellbeing Wednesday is about celebrating what we have achieved during the last year.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 17 – step to it

What are you doing right now? Are you sitting down? Have you moved much today? How many steps have you taken?

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 15 – self-compassion in sport

Sport is full of challenges; pressure and evaluation, injuries, plateaus, sport-life balance conflicts and relationship issues, to name a few, but what is the best way to respond to setbacks and adversity

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 11 – Let's be thankful

With 2021 starting with a fresh lockdown and new uncertainty, sometimes we all find it difficult to find the positives in life. However, we just need to look around us and we will see there is a lot to be thankful for.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 10 - the power of sleep

Just like water, food  and breathing, our body needs sleep – in order to recharge and reset. This week, we are looking at why sleep is important and will give you some tips to help aid your sleep.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 9 - the healing power of water

Throughout human history, people around the world have used water to cleanse, heal and relax the body. Water is said to be the most important resource in the world.

Wellbeing Wednesdays week 8 – New Year, New Hope

As 2020 comes to a close, will you reflect and see it as a complete washout, or have you taken some positives from this year?