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England Boxing Wellbeing Monthly: Creativity and Wellbeing

November's Wellbeing Monthly and Box In Mind course is centred around creativity and links to wellbeing. You can book your place by clicking here.

Alfie's incredible weight loss journey shows the power of boxing

Alfie joined Plympton ABC just 12 months ago and has lost an incredible 35kg, all while boosting his confidence and developing his skills.

Step out outside for your wellbeing

As part of our ongoing series about wellbeing and mental health, Membership Services Support Assistant Hayley Husbands explains to us why having a mindful moment is important for our wellbeing

New Era Boxing Fighting for wellbeing

New Era Boxing Club are offering free, low impact boxing classes for people currently experiencing mental health issues due to increased alcohol use or addiction.

Face-to-face Box In Mind courses return this July

England Boxing is delighted to announce the return of face-to-face Box In Mind courses from next month (July).

Club case study: Zestus ABC aiding people's wellbeing

From helping people's mental health during lockdown to being…

World Mental Health Day: Do one thing to change everything

Today (Sunday 10th October 2021) is World Mental Health Day - and England Boxing are joining MIND in the fight for mental health support.

Take advantage of clubs' free access to mental health and wellbeing platform

Member clubs should look out in their inbox today for a free link to the BelievePerform mental health and wellbeing platform.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - free resources access for member clubs

Member clubs can secure free access to the Believe Perform mental health and wellbeing platform.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – How are you feeling now lockdown is easing?

The last year and lockdown has been difficult for many of us, for many different reasons, but are you mentally read for the full easing of lockdown?