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Women’s Coach Developement Programme spotlight: Nadia Lewis-Burke (No Limits)

The Merseyside and Cheshire-based coach is determined to continue to learn, adapt and challenge herself in this new twist in her coaching journey.

11 female coaches qualify thanks to Punch Like a Girl Course

The latest England Boxing Punch Like a Girl Course was completed last weekend. with 11 new female level coaches now qualified.

Case study: Kirkby ABC keen to continue the community legacy

Established in 1961, Kirkby ABC has achieved many successes throughout the years due to the high population density and dedicated coaches.

Meet England Boxing’s new North West and Merseyside and Cheshire Club Support Officer

Alex Vass has this week begun her new role as England Boxing’s Club Support Officer (CSO) for the North West and Merseyside and Cheshire regions.

New gym for Runcorn ABC to mark coming out of lockdown

Runcorn ABC is pulling no punches on its return following the Coronavirus lockdown – having set up a completely new and refurbished gym.