All the reactions to the finals of the GB Elite Three Nations

June 5, 2018 | by Gemma Field


49kg Miriam Zouhou v Rebecca Stone (England) won split points

Miriam Zouhou (GOLD) ENG

“I’m really happy. I’ve boxed her a couple of times now, so I’m really pleased with that win, I thought I landed the cleaner shots and done enough to get the win so I’m happy I’ve got the gold, one better than last year.”

Rebecca Stone (SILVER) ENG

“I’m really, really happy with it. There are obviously a few things that we are going to work on from it but I’m really happy the only bad thing is that I didn’t get gold but it was on a split so I would rather a split than unanimous you know.”

49kg Connor Kelsall v Ben Norman (England) won split points

Scott Wotherspoon (BRONZE) SCO

“I thought I had a slow start but when I was coming into the fight but better then the man won on the day. It’s been brilliant the accommodation everyone else has been perfect, its been brilliant, can’t complain.”

Ben Norman (SILVER) ENG

“Yea I’m happy with my performance, it got a bit sloppy in the second I thought I just got the first and third in my opinion but no a cracking fight I think on a 3 T split, a bit annoying that I lost but you’ve got to look at the level, its international level now but yea I’m happy with my performance, onwards and upwards.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been an absolute dream spending time in the houses is what Antony Joshua does and it’s been absolutely brilliant.”

“I’ll be having a nice rest now, I’ve had a nice busy season this season but, first time representing England, hopefully the first of many.”

Connor Kelsall (GOLD) ENG

“Yesterday’s performance went spot on. I got the game plan and took it to him and got a comfortable win.” Connor said “Today started slow but I know I have to take it to him in the last two rounds and it payed off and got the win, on to the next one now I’m really happy with myself.”

“Its been unbelievable, my first representation for England against Scotland and England again and I can’t believe it I can’t believe I’m here and doing it and I’ve won it, I’m happy.

“I’m boxing in three weeks in Haringey I have two Irish lads and a lad from Jersey and then I’m going on holidays, enjoy myself, then back at it proving I’m the best.”

51kg Tori-Ellis Willetts v Helen Jones (Wales) won split points

Helen Jones (SILVER) WAL

“It wasn’t the best it wasn’t the best. It was a tough opponent I rushed in sometimes.”

Tori-Ellis Willetts (GOLD) ENG

“I won’t stop until I get to the top”

52kg Hamza Mahmood v Matthew McHale (Wales) lost split points

Hamza Mehmood (SILVER) ENG

“I’m a bit disappointed in my performance but it is what it is. I’m grateful to be in this position and its my first England fight, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go but I’m happy, I’m grateful and I’m happy I’m alright. At the end of the day it’s a dangerous game that.

“It’s been a great experience, I’ve loved every second of it here with the England Team and I’m just truly grateful and hopefully I can bounce back from this and there will be many more England moments to come.”

Matthew McHale (GOLD) SCO

“I’m over the moon. This is what you train for to get the gold medal like this. Its been a right long hard season and just going to have a nice deserved break now but it’s been brilliant.”

“The Three Nations mean everything I mean you’ve got your Scottish title that you want to win, everybody wants to win but then the Three Nations is the special one that puts you on top. I’m over the moon with it all of the hard trainings paid off now.”

“You just need to wait and see you know. This went well, I missed out on the [Commonwealth] Games unfortunately but since then I’ve the best of Britain, Scottish, the British now and then the Eindhoven Box Cup so I just need to keep going and continue from here.”

54kg Nina Hughes v Sophie Tinklin (Wales) rsc1

Nina Hughes (GOLD) ENG

“Yea I’m really pleased. I didn’t expect a first round stoppage so I’m over the moon with it.”

“I could have boxed better. I’ve always got my faults and things I need to work on but overall wins are wins so I’m happy.”

“I’ll see what comes next and take things as they come really”

56kg Brad Strand v Stephen Boyle (Scotland) won split points

Stephen Boyle (SILVER) SCO

“My performance was good I’ve only recently been training so it was good to get back and fight and then to beat a top boy in the first fight a they to box the English Champion and get beat on a split. It was a very close fight, but it could have gone either way and I’m happy with how I’ve performed.”

“It’s really good. It brings a lot of boys on that haven’t been around, I’ve been about for a good few years, but it brings all the boys on that don’t get many fights and then especially when the likes of the English boys get to box for England which is a very hard thing to do.”

Brad Strand (GOLD) ENG

“I feel like I boxed really well I got my first knockdown as well so happy.” Brad said “Its been good I’ve won it as a Schoolboy and a Youth but to win it as a Senior is icing on the cake.”

“It feels boss to win all three. You feel like you’re progressing and you’re getting somewhere with it don’t you?”

57kg Raven Chapman v Victoria Glover (Scotland) lost split points 

Raven Champman (SLVER) ENG

“It definitely wasn’t my best performance today,” Champan said. “I was struggling a bit with my breathing and what cost me was the first round. I was going in a bit too much, too quickly instead of going in behind my jab. I think maybe the occasion got to me a little bit so I was rushing instead of working behind my technique.

“Hopefully, I’ll get more experience in the future and see what happens. I’ll still work hard, and I’ll have Haringey in a few weeks.”

Victoria Glover (GOLD) SCO

“I can’t even describe it it’s the best feeling ever, I can’t even describe it, its like the best feeling ever I’ve trained so hard for it and I wanted it so much. I feel like I’ve earned it so I can have a good break now. It was a good girl that I beat so it’s a good win.”

It means a lot to me. Last year I became the first Scottish Female Youth to win the GB Three Nations and now that’s two years in a row. I’m making history so that’s a big achievement”

60kg Shanice James v Hannah Robinson (England) lost unanimous points decision

Shanice James (SILVER) ENG

I don’t feel too bad although I thought it was a bit closer than the final decision,” James said. “It’s always good to meet Hannah. I’ve boxed her a few times and she’s a good boxer, so it was always going to be close.”

Hannah Robinson (GOLD) ENG

“I’m over the moon with my win today,” Robinson said. “I boxed Shanice in the Elite finals and it was close and it was close again here. I have a lot of respect for her, but I’m pleased to win today. I have a GB assessment at the end of the month so hopefully, that will go well.

“It’s good to represent my country. It was my England debut and to win is a bonus. To have a GB assessment means everything to me, it means all the sacrifices, the weight cutting, and training would have been all worthwhile if I have the chance to be on the GB team.”

60kg Callum Thompson v Dastan Kamil (Scotland) won unanimous points

Dastan Kamil (SILVER) SCO

“It was a good performance,” Dastan said. “I felt like there was a bit of experience difference today, but I felt like the better man won but there is always next time I guess.”

Callum Thompson (GOLD) ENG

“I felt good in there,” Thompson said. “I felt like I couldn’t really have done anything better. It’s good for me to be here because I missed out on the National Championships, so it was a way to redeem myself.”

64kg Adrianne Phebey v Lynn Calder (Scotland) lost unanimous points 

Adrianne Phebey (SILVER) ENG

“I’m actually really chuffed with my performance,” Phoebey said. “In the third round I think I could have done a bit more but at the time that was all I could do so I am happy. I know where I need to improve. I’d love to compete on an English team again so I would take the opportunity with both hands.

“This has been the best boxing experience of my life I would say. The coaches have been fantastic”

Lynn Calder (GOLD) SCO

“I feel great although I was tired at the end,” Calder said. “I had a hard opponent so I just kept strong punches. It means everything to me. I represented last year but I got silver so this is quite different.”

64kg Elliott Whale v Sean Spence (Scotland) lost split points

Sean Spence (GOLD) SCO

“I thought my performance went alright. I boxed how I had to box, scapped how I had to scrap and when we got close I just had to put the work in.”

“The competition is brilliant it gives a chance to compete again the best”

69kg Stephanie Wroe v Laura Stevens (England) won split points

Laura Stevens (SILVER) ENG

“I feel gutted that I lost,” Laura said. “I really did believe that I could win this after the Championship fight the other week.I’ve done all of the right training and not cut any corners but when you get in there it’s a very different ball game. I need to watch it back and I’ll increase in confidence.

“I’m going to keep up my fitness and keep working on weaknesses and hopefully just keep getting more bouts to improve my experience.”

Stephanie Wroe (GOLD) ENG

“I feel really good,” Wroe said. “I fought her in the Elites and I felt like she was a lot stronger and she came in a lot more to make it harder for me, but I kept my range and I let her know who was boss on the inside as well as the outside. I feel like I did what I wanted to do here.”

69kg Tom Aitcheson v Tyler Jolly (Scotland) lost split points decision

Tom Aitcheson (SILVER) ENG

“I thought it was a good bout that could have gone either way,” Tom said. “But he’s a quality kid so I can’t argue with it. It’s been an amazing experience boxing at the Three Nations. I’ve really enjoyed it. It has helped me push on with my career. I’m going to go back to 64kg and keep boxing through the year to get into the Elites next year.”

Tyler Jolly (GOLD) SCO

“I feel brilliant about the win because I didn’t box at my best,” Jolly said. “I had to go out and when I put the punches together it seemed to be working out nicely. I’m proud of my performances over the whole weekend. I’m a first-year senior and I won the Scottish senior so now I’ve won a GB senior title. It’s always an honour to represent your country so I’m really proud of myself.”

75kg Elena Narozanski v Kerry Davies (England) lost split

Elena Narozanski (SILVER) ENG

“I was pleased with aspects of my performance,” Elena said. “I thought I could have done more but overall it was a tremendous experience boxing in the Three Nations and representing your country. Wearing the England vest is just incredible, and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Kerry Davies (GOLD) ENG

“My performance was really good. I have fought her a few times before and beat her but I’m still learning, still improving and yea just really proud of myself.”

“Its been a great experience. Its been my first-time boxing for England and its been amazing.”

75kg Ramtin Musah v Ayoub Darre (Scotland) won split points

Ayoub Darre (SILVER) SCO

“I feel great,” Ayoub said. “Honestly, I was tired, and the fight was tough, and I wasn’t feeling good. My shoulder was sore and that’s why I lost. The tournament as a whole was great.”

Ramtin Musah (GOLD) ENG

“I’m very chuffed with my win,” Ramtin said. “I boxed hard and got the win. I was very excited. I was looking forward to it because I missed out on it last year because of my passport but that’s all sorted now.”

81kg Patrick Allen-Cripps v Sean Lazzerinni (Scotland) lost split points

Patrick Allen-Cripps (SILVER) ENG

“I was happy with my performance even though I didn’t get the win,” Patrick said. “I just have to improve a few certain things to get ready for next time. I’ve had a really good experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

“I have the Haringey Box Cup in a few weeks so I’m going to get back to training hard for that.”

Sean Lazzerinni (GOLD) SCO

“I am happy to get the title again,” Sean said. “I am over the moon and I’ll head back to Glasgow to chill out and look forward to the next one.

“I have a rest period now and then see what the next one is for me. I really enjoyed the competition. I got some good wins, two big scalps so I’m happy.”

91kg Lewis Williams v Scott Edwards (Scotland) won unanimous points decision

Scott Edwards (SILVER) SCO

“It was a tough fight and he was a tall lad but I just tried to get in close and work him because of his range but I felt like it was a good fight,” He said. “I feel like my boxing over the whole weekend has been really good. Everyone has given a lot of effort and everyone’s performances were really good.”

Lewis Williams (GOLD) ENG

“I feel very confident with the fact that I’ve taken on the thinsg I’ve learnt over the past few weeks,” Lewis said. “Yesterday in the final round and throughout this bout I have been able to take on and show what I have been taught.

“The Three Nations is wicked. It’s the first one I have ever done and I got gold. I am on the GB team so we’ll see what’s next with my training plan.”

91+kg Courtney Bennett v Mitchell Barnton (Scotland) won split point

Courtney Bennett (GOLD) ENG

“I am really excited,” Courtney said. “It’s my first bout for England and I’ve come away with a gold medal. My performance could have been better, and I should have listened more to the coaches, but I think I did alright. The Three Nations is a good tournament. Hopefully, this is the first of many times I represent England.”